D.W. Leeland:
Multi-disciplinary Creative

Born Daniel Leeland Woodward on a US navy base in Portsmouth, Virginia. Daniel started drawing before he can remember.  His mother claiming it was what he always did since he was strong enough to hold a pencil. DW always infectiously sketched  to occupy his mind.  


DW Leeland, who’s influence can be traced back to contemporary American and French artist such as Frank Frazzetta and Olivia de Berardinis fused with Rene Magritte and Toulouse Latrec, is often referred to as the artist behind the artist in the fine art lithograph studio where he works. Referring to his years separating colors as a chromist for artist like Rafael Olbinski, Waldamore Swerzy, Sheppard Fairy, Ringo Starr, Ron Wood and the list goes on. After college at Art Center college of Design in Pasadena and mentoring under the world renowned chromist Jean Pierre Reymond (Known for working with Salvador Dali and Picasso), DW Leeland was hired as the artist/color separator (chromist) for S2art in Las Vegas, Nevada. 


Daniel decided it was time to create different images. His own. So he returned to what originally inspired him to render in the first place, his love for life drawing. Mostly the human form and  facial expressions of women in particular.  You can see it encapsulated in his work.  In the expressions he tries to capture. Often using mixed media in new and exciting ways. DW Leeland was responsible for the rendering of many American Film Institutes (AFI) top 100 movie posters of all time. 2003 re-printed versions of the Wizard of Oz, Metropolis, Star Wars, etc.  His images are currently showing at Gallery 54 exclusively in the Arts District  downtown Las Vegas, NV. 


DW Leeland is 51 yrs old , lives with his dog Cash and his two kids,  Jazz and Melody.